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The application of video/audio in an online publication is without limit:
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Pamphlets
  • Periodicals
  • Etc

A publication that attracts ‘viewers’ not ‘readers’ is where the smart money is headed. By the end of 2017 online video will make up 70% of all consumer internet traffic.

Almost any printed publication can be converted to an audio/video format. All it takes is thinking outside the box and a little help from the professionals at iNet Entertainment.

We have exactly the right experience in:

  • Technology
  • Publishing
  • Video Production
  • Gaphics
  • Social Media
    … to help with your idea for a video/audio publication. We can show you how to create your own video/audio publication from scratch. OR how to convert your printed publication to a video/audio format. AND how to incorporate our proprietary point-click-buy (iCan Get It) marketing/technology into that publication. Thereby creating an online publication that no one can emulate.
Contact: Gene Berman

Here are some Stats that underscore our premise:

Online Video Drives Conversion and Traffic While Reducing Returns and Service Costs

  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer),
  • Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. (Comscore,)
  • saw a 54% increase in online sales conversions by using videos to showcase their products. "With such positive results on our existing videos, the goal right now is to add video to as many of our products as possible," says Frank Malsbenden, VP and GM of Vision Retailing Inc., the parent company of (Internet Retailer,
  • 40% of all males surveyed cited online video as a significant influence in recent purchases of jewelry and watches. (Ad-ology Media Influence on Consumer Choice survey,
  • found that viewers who chose to view video converted at a 400% increase over those who did not. also credits video with decreasing returns by 25%. (Internet Retailer,

Video Drives Effective Email Marketing

  • Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. In response, the number of marketers planning to use video in email campaigns has increased 8x since the beginning of 2012. (ImplixEmail Marketing Trends Survey)

Consumers Use and Trust Online Video

  • Affluent consumers prefer video and search to other digital advertising formats, as 51% of affluent online shoppers reported to eMarketer that they took an action after seeing one of these two ad formats. (eMarketer,)
  • Over 90% of shoppers surveyed found video useful in making purchase decisions, according to a study of Swimwear Boutique customers. (Internet Retailer)
  • A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

Businesses are Implementing Online Video

  • PetsUnited, the owner of 10 eCommerce sites, saw a 60% jump in average sales when shoppers made a purchase after viewing a video. (eMarketer,)
  • 81% of online retailers use video on product pages, which means that if you’re a retailer and you don’t have video on your site, you are officially in the minority, according to eMarketer.